About us

Australian Higher Education Group

AHEG specialises  in training, management and development in the Australian Higher Education industry. Since its inception in 2013, the company has been providing services for Higher Education Providers(HEP). 

We assist Higher Education providers with all aspect of TEQSA and CRICOS accreditation and re-accreditation.

We assist in implementing  effective and pragmatic solutions that owners and managers can implement, quality procedures and processes to maximise profits, quality management system that meets compliance and regulatory requirements, establish a network of skilled professionals, introducing and running state-of-art technologies and systems, student engagement and admission related operations, staff productivity, and in other ways to help you stand out. We cover the broad areas of quality, revenue enhancement, strategy, project management and end-to-end delivery of agreed outcomes pertaining to business operations.

We can assist you with:

  • Organisational development

  • Starting a new business, Business expansion and sales

  • Regulatory management training

  • Compliance landscape and changes alerts

  • Project governance tertiary quality systems

  • Benchmarking and governance redesign

  • Academic quality compliance

  • Sector tailored risk management framework encompassing compliance obligations.

  • Risk as a service (e.g. risk information collection, reporting and training)

  • Targeted risk management services (e.g. independent project assurance)

  • Sustainability and environmental impact reporting

  • Contract management

  • Business case development

If you are looking to become a higher education provider for overseas students, we can help with:

Anna Haranas

General Manager

  • Initial CRICOS application.

  • CRICOS re-registration.

  • Add course of study on CRICOS.

  • Set up Foundation Programs such as ELICOS courses

We offer a number of services for RTO and Higher Education providers including but not limited to

Anna Haranas

General Manager

Anna has over 35 years of management experience in Education and Training, Early Childhood Education and Care, Hospitality, Retail Management and Allied Health Industries. During this time, she has had extensive experience in the management of RTO’s and Apprenticeship Services, participating in several Federal and State regulatory audits.

Anna, in her roles, has been responsible for planning, directing, leading and managing strategic and long-term goals. Her strengths include managing effective networks and forging strong relationships with clients. She also has strong skills in developing, directing and controlling strategic and operational frameworks and planning outcomes for organisations.

Anna has been involved in understanding and responding appropriately to emerging trends, expansion opportunities, competitive opportunities and threats, viability options and internal business process improvements.